29 Aug 2007

Italy part tre. B&B and Bagni di Lucca .

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Welcome to part tre of my Italian adventure, i am beginning to worry about what i will be like after an extensive trip (this was only 6 days). I tempted just to say it was great, go yourself and find out! But what type of wannabe world traveler blogger would that make me.
After going round many a bend, feeling a bit car sick and tired, we make it to the b&b, which is situated in a small medieval town called Gombereto near to the larger town of Bagni di Lucca. The place is absolutely fantastic, we are situated right up in the mountains (my kind of place) and the building is fantastic. To my shame i didn't take any photos of the place so check out the website here Casa Marchi, which doesn't really do it justice at all. Once i was shown my room, i just wanted to dive on the bed and go to sleep, but i restrained myself and came back downstairs.
A lovely Ozzie bloke called Walt was already out on the terrace so we joined him for a beer or two. He was a well traveled bloke and had found this place on the internet, this wasn't his first time over and he was here to play at a local jazz festival (nice).
Food was needed so we got back into the car (tiny!) and whizzed down the mountain back to Bagni di Lucca for guess what? A pizza of course. I had a Bruschetta followed by a lovely pizza, it really was excellent (great value for money too).As soon as the plates were cleared we headed back to the b&b for some much needed sleep.
The next morning we got up as instructed for breakfast at 8.30 and jaws dropped at the amount of food laid out (Fruit juice, fruit platters, cereal, brioche, all kinds of ham and cheese). It was excellent, i don't normally eat breakfast but when in Rome (well Italy), so i tucked in. Our lovely host Roy sat with us and explained all about the area. We decided to stay local that day and then eat in at the b&b that night, which was unbelievable good!
The photos above are of Bagni di Lucca and the bridge is Ponte della Maddalena.

So ends part tre! next edition is the mountain shots and the walled city of Lucca. Any questions? feel free to askrazz


  1. Oh, wow Claire! It looks like you had a great time. :)

    The photos are awesome. I'm so glad you posted them.

  2. These photos are absolutely awesome - especially the bridge. Incredible, isn't it? Makes one wonder how the heck they built it.

  3. Another great set of photos. Two questions...1. how did you make that neat collage I love the white borders, don't get that on Picasa
    2. can I come next time!...LOL

  4. Great photos Claire.

    There's rather a large gap betwixt the end of your post and the comments, is there something there I should be seeing?

    Question: How much weight have you put on with all that nosh?

  5. Absolutely gorgeous photos, Claire! And that B & B.. wow. Just.. wow.

  6. What a beautiful place! I do not belong in a freakin' desert! ARGHH!!!
    Photos like this make me realize it so much more...