29 Aug 2007

Overheated Brain!

Hello Chums! I am really struggling at the moment to keep up with everything. I have created my own monster it is called 'A little piece of me' you might of heard of itrazz

So what is my problem? well since the time of the dreaded internet isolation i got use to not having time for much blog visiting or anything else, that meant i could sit and write my posts without interruptions. Now i have to fit in visiting, commenting, reading, upcoming counselling homework, paid posts etc.
It is by no means a chore to read other peoples blogs and i want to make it clear how much i appreciate those that spend the time to read mine and comment, it really means a lot and i read all the comments. Also thank god for google reader! that's how i speed read through every ones blogs now.
I like to keep my posts interesting and they are important to me because a blog is meant to a diary in which you can look back on whats happened in your life. So when i am posting about hiking, traveling, counselling homework it is as much for me as it is for you.

As for paid posts, well the simple reason is that i need the money! So when you see links to things like Wilmington NC real estate creep into normal posts don't be alarmed! its just me making money.

So if you feel neglected in any way i am sorry! Feel free to email me if you really want to catch my attention :)


  1. I feel you. I have been feeling a bit stressed by blogging too.

    Maybe a bit less blogcatalog would help ;)

  2. Hi Claire. I hear you all too well and please excuse my long absence. As my blogroll has grown, I've taken to trying to visit the people who comment at PP the day after thy do so, and just that takes about four hours in an average day, so I understand your dilemma completely. But a saw a comment of yours at Jeni's place, and that sparked mt to stop by and see what's happening with Ravishing Red. :-)

  3. You never write, you never phone, I should be offended ;-) I'll let you live this time.

  4. so are you saying you are turning in a dreaded lurker red??? hmmm??? you cute little struggler.

    smiles, bee

  5. Yes Thomas your right!

    tomcat i thought you had abandoned me for being to frivolous :(

    Alison forgive me! lol!

    Yep i am god damn dirty lurker :)

  6. It's hard to get to everyone every day. I lurk a bit as well. Sorry!

  7. No's my turn with the spotting internet connection and with that I'm finding out that there's a world outside of blogging...

  8. When/if I get on the course I want to do I'm going to depend on you nagging me to study instead of blogging. Maybe we'll have to nag each other :o)

  9. Life's a bummer when it gets in the way of bloggin'. So get your ass over to our gaff . . .no excuses . . . lol

  10. hey claire,

    i just want to say that i appreciate your site and your efforts in keeping it true.

    i want to support real bloggers, as opposed to spam blogs and automated ones. those are the real monsters on the blogosphere, not this gem of a blog site you've put up here.

    will be keeping an eye on your li'l turf. blog on!