27 Aug 2007

Italy part uno. The Airport

At the moment i am tired and struggling to remember even going to Italy so just hang on while i slap myself about and inject some coffee. Also deciphering my scribble is proving harder than i anticipated.
Phew that's better now! Now lets go back, back all the way to the 17th of August!
Its very early in the morning, pissing down outside and i think my bag is too heavy. I flew with ryanair and they have reduced your luggage allowance to 15kg which you have to pay for(buggers). I have a disability when it comes to packing, i always pack too much and its too much of the wrong thing.
Ste the bro in law arrives promptly at 4am, which is a very strange time of the day for me to be awake/alive. As i chat happily away to Ste, grateful that he is dropping me off, inside i am crapping myself that the bloody bag is too heavy and i am going to have to pay excess. As we reach the airport it is still raining and Ste has to dump me outside the door within ten minutes to avoid paying a car park charge.
I wave goodbye to Ste and heave the bag to the check in. As i hump it onto the conveyor belt thing, i notice that the bloke on the check in desk was an old boyfriend of one of my friends. Hmm will this work to my advantage? Heck yeah my bag weighed in at the happy amount of 13.9 kg and i got a priority boarding pass, RESULT!
Now that is a great way to start a holiday.
I practically skip away from the desk and head to the lounge area. Its a bit weird traveling on your own, no one to talk to for one. Karen and co where flying from London, whilst i was flying from Liverpool and all meeting up at Pisa airport.
I wanted to get the security check part done as quickly as possible so i headed to there as soon as i had a quick drink and bought some chewies. The doctor had recommended this for my poor ears, remember the ear juice saga? want remindingsmile.
Believe it or not i made it through the security area fairly unscathed, just the removal of my belt. The was no embarrassing boot removals this time.
I found a nice spot to view the gate announcement board and whip out my note pad and pen. Hopefully i look very studious and not like a train spotter as i scribble away. I must of looked a bit manic when my pen ran out and i had to scribble furiously to get it working again. There has been an increase in credit card sellers and folks doing market research, so i have to avoid their gaze( that's another bad point about traveling on your own).
How do you amuse yourself at the airport? I normally peruse the perfume shop and spray myself until i sneeze or feel sick. People watching is also fun, watching folks squint and squish up their faces as they look at the gate check in announcements. I think they are trying to tap in to psychic or telekinetic powers to get to board the plane quicker. Yes i tried it, nope it didn't work.
The plane actually arrives on time (maybe my powers worked after all!) and i board the plane speedily thanks to my priority pass, the flight was fine ( i was asleep and drooling).

Who knew four pages of scribble would turn into this post! Tomorrow the story continues with hire cars, visiting Pisa and making it to the B&B.


  1. perfectly lovely so far... continue please. i like to be entertained you know! ha ha ha you cute little kipper...

    smiles, bee

  2. What informative scribble...well done!

  3. I keep a book handy for these occasions and the occasional MD visit. People watching is good and provides a lot of amusement. Good scribbles!

  4. Troubles reading your scribbles, huh? My handwriting is atrocious to begin with and then, add to that, the fact I tend to doze off while taking notes and you can get an idea how difficult it is to read chicken scratch that then drifts off into a wavy line that is totally unreadable! So you must take relatively decent notes to begin with or you wouldn't have been able to come up with this post, Kid! Like Bee, looking forward to hearing more.

  5. I had to laugh because I always get into a panic going to the airport that our bags will be too heavy - they never are! I always get frisked going through security!

    Looking forward to the next instalment - you're gonna tell us you managed to push over the leaning tower aren't you?

  6. Asleep and drooling? I got a visual on that. Off to the next part. :)