28 Aug 2007

Italy part due. Pisa and the journey to the B&B

As you read in part uno even an airport is exciting for me, Check it out here Part Uno.

I left the last post at asleep and drooling, i am afraid that may crop up again in this post somewhere.
My flight got into Pisa ten minutes early, which normally would be a great thing, unfortunately Karen and co would not be landing for another two hours. So i found a seat where i could see arrivals and got out both of my books. I settled on Interpretation of Murder which is a rather good read, not that i managed to read much sat there. I sat there for the two hours, managed about 5 pages in between nodding off, waking up startled, startling poor folks sat next to me and so on.
At last i got the text to say they had landed! I gave myself a shake and tried to look somewhat awake when they eventually came through. They had to fight their way past young lovers eating each others faces, herds of families waiting for loved ones and even the odd dog.
As soon as we stepped out of the airport the heat blasted us and too think it had been miserable back home just hours before. After standing around for a few minutes we eventually figured out that to get to the car hire place we needed to hop onto a little shuttle bus. After shoving some folks out the way with my mammoth bag i got on the stupid thing.
Ste and Barry (Ste is Karen's fella and Barry is their mate) where to be the designated drivers on this trip, as i don't drive (thank god) and Karen didn't want to. The hire car turned out to be erm rather small! so once we were all squished in it was onto Pisa.
You would think with all the area being flat and the tower being rather large it would be easy for us to find. Well for us (not me i wasn't driving) it proved a little tricky, but we eventually found it and found an appropriate parking spot.
The area in which the tower is situated is surrounded by large medieval walls and shares this area with two large domed churches or duomos (or big nipples as somebody suggested).
After being initially very impressed with the building, the feeling of tackiness began to overwhelm me. It may of been over tiredness on my part but it was a case of right i have seen it now, lets go!
Every nation of the world must of been visiting that day and of course they all tried to fix the lean on the tower with clever photography (ok i did it too!). It was very funny to see everyone else do it.
I think we were all beginning to feel the affects of the sun and tiredness (it was just me), so it was decided that we should head off to the B&B while we had day light. As i didn't have a clue were we were going, not even the place name, i was again pleased that there was no driving for me! All i did know was that it was in yonder mountains somewhere.
I am sure you don't want to hear that the car journey was for me a mixture of falling asleep, waking up moments again, poor Karen. Karen kindly said just go to sleep, i replied no no i am fine, not actually knowing where i was.
There was one or two wrong turns before we made it to the B&B, which was set in the most lovely scenery ever.

I will leave it there for now, more later Ciao!

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  1. I still think you are incredibly lucky to have gone to Italy. I'm severly jealous!

    And really, drool looks good on you.


  2. I know i was lucky! It was a really great trip and it definitely got better :)

  3. Great photo of you in between all the sights. Fabulous blue sky...hope you slapped on the factor 30. I was in Naples for a while when a child as my Dad was posted there with N.A.T.O....Vesuvius erupted...I kid you not! Italy was also the first time I ever met an American...fell teenagily in love with one Mick Rutherford (wonder where he is now)...and also the first time I got drunk...on martinis! provided by one of my Dad's friend at an American BBQ. Boy the Americans sure know how to throw a BBQ and the steaks were huge!

  4. Italy is a wonderful place to visit, here in the USA we think in hundreds of years, in Italy they think in thousands, it is an amazing thing to see.

  5. Italy is a place that Zane and I want to go to one of these days. It's beautiful Claire, but beautiful. :)

  6. just lovely honey!!! i loved piza too...

    smiles, bee

  7. Claire - if ever I would get the coinage to travel, I'd want you (and your drool too) to come along with me. First, so I'd have someone who could speak English with and second, to have someone who could write up the events of our trip with sparkling wit like you have! Great -and funny too -post!