6 Aug 2007

Manic Monday: Lies

Welcome to my intermittent Manic Monday! hopefully i am back to normal(whatever that is). This week the theme is LIES. When i thought about it, the thing that stuck out the most was White Lies and my love of them!

White Lie : an unimportant lie (especially one told to be tactful or polite)

They are great for comedy purposes and also for not hurting peoples feelings. I can at times be brutally honest so i need to use a white lie occasionally.
Unfortunately for me i have developed a reputation for winding people up and when i tell the honest to god truth people don't believe me :(

Example: I was hiking yesterday and a horse was following us along behind its fence and then it farted! I turned to Cathy and said 'Did you hear that!' she just looked bemused! It was not bloody me! I still dont think she believes me :(

Music time!
Arcade Fire: Rebellion (lies) is an absolutely awesome 'swing your pants' tune.


  1. My pants are definitely swinging...(that's actually a white lie but I know the picture in your head of it will make you smile)

  2. Yep i am definitely smiling! (not lying)

  3. Good morning Claire. It's good to have you back among the Monday denizens, swinging pants, farting cows and all.

  4. Great to have you back on form - talking about farting horses!! LOL

  5. Ouch, that hurts old ears, happy mm

  6. Very well done! Really enjoyed the YouTube clip too!

    ~I lie not~

  7. you farted didn't you red? you little windy one...

    smiles, bee

  8. great one!! Welcome back--we missed you.

  9. I'm with Empress really farted. Don't blame it on the horse Claire. That wouldn't be nice at all. Have a great MM. :)

  10. So, its kinda just like farting spiders?

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  12. Ya know, this is more what I expected from the Meloncutter! Oh well, considering he wrote about lye soap I guess someone had to go this route!