6 Aug 2007

RatesToGo Blog

I am planning to travel the world when my studies come to an end, only another two years to go! In the meantime i am doing little city breaks and wherever i can get cheap flights too. I am lucky enough to be going Italy on the 17th with some chums and i got a great deal on my flights. With that in mind i have to get an eye out on the latest travel news, as its the best way to look up locations that i might not of thought of traveling to. I like travelling but i haven't done any hardcore backpacking, the nearest i have come to that is a hostel in Latvia (which was excellent!). Staying in a hostel was much more enjoyable than i thought, but i am still drawn to the Most Expensive Hotel Room well in my dreams anyway! Anyone want to take me?
In the world of blog i have met lots of people i would never of had the chance too meet in the real world and would ideally love to go and see them. A great destination to meet up would be Las Vegas . As it has loads of places i could go sightseeing and maybe a bit of hiking too! The Hoover Dam, the Grand Canyons, eating and drinking are just some of the things that really appeal to mesmile

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  1. Hope you'll enjoy in Italy...:-)

    Where do you think to travel?

    Best regards