4 Aug 2007

Pictures of me naked?

Ha! did i draw you in with the title? Good! But sorry perverts its not going to happen unless i blog drunk (again). I think that bath i just had must of been a little to hot, as its affected my mad sense of humour :)
I am off hiking again tomorrow, not sure where as i just got a phone message saying be ready for 8am, so i hope they meant hiking :) Otherwise i will look daft in my hiking gear, although i look daft anyway.
So what is this post really about? I was wondering as i will of course have my camera with me tomorrow, is there anything in particular you would like photos of? I know some folks like trees, others like moorland, anything you would like (apart from the naked thing)?

Update: its amusing how many hits this gets from google folk searching for nudity, sorry folks no nudity here.


  1. personally i'd like to see the midge bites. but not the midget bites, keep them to yourself you little viper...

    smiles, bee

  2. How about a pic of yourself dolled up in all your hiking gear?