5 Aug 2007


I am absolutely cream crackered! will be back tomorrow after some serious kip!


  1. huh? i mean, huh? claire speak english!!! we cannot understand you, you little streamer!

    smiles, bee

  2. Cream crackered? Kip?

    I suspect this means you're worn out and tired and you'll be back after you rest?

    Either that or this is some new kinky way to...uhm...nevermind.

  3. I bet you was flippin hot ....(not that I'm complaining)I wonder what they said for knackered BEFORE cream crackers were invented? Now there's a thought to sleep on.

  4. What the hell is going on here, are your still kip or kipping, is there two involved in kip, you have just knackered me.........

  5. Is language a problem from one county to another in England like it is in the US? You go from places like Maine to New Jersey, then Boston, then the deep South and you can hardly understand the different slang. And I have a real hard time understanding some of Benny Hill when he uses a real deep Cockney accent...but I still love watching him!

  6. I was cream crackered sitting in the garden all afternoon thinking about having to walk the dogs let alone doing a hike. We waited till 9.30 pm so it was cooler but Gracie just lay on the field & watched the girls run around!!!! That dog has sence!