28 Aug 2007

Whats to come

Thanks for all your patience with me first of all.
I need to do some serious catching up, first because of damned internet connection and then because of my bogging off.

1. Post all about Italy, a million more photo's to come. All i have managed so far is the airport and now Pisa, there is lots and lots still to come! Click here to keep up with the journey Part Uno and Part Due.
2. Post about Malham bunk barn, Gaping Gill and the video i shot down there.
3. Counselling season starts again in a couple of weeks. I am officially on the diploma, did i mention that?
4. No doubt more hikes in the middle of trying to catch up.
5. Maybe exciting news on bridesmaid dress search, my sister has found a dress and is bringing it down with her this Saturday. Will i or wont i like it? More importantly will it fit! Post written now! let me know what you think about the dress.

I promise not to go on anymore holidays, not even a Branson getaway till i am caught up.


  1. alright already, i am patiently waiting. is it ready yet? now? now?

    smiles, bee

  2. Great to have you back Claire!

  3. Theres more now Bee!

    Cheers akelamalu i have missed every one :)

  4. I didn't click the "Branson" link at first because of thinking "She's passing on a weekend with Branson HERE"? She's NUTS!!. Then I clicked the link and agreed it was no place to go. :-)

    As you can see, I have an expensive imagination.

  5. No you didn't mention the counselling diploma. I don't know what you mean by "I am officially on the diploma" but I think it's a good thing.