28 Aug 2007

Bridesmaid Dress

I am going to be a bridesmaid next year for my good chum Emma, to read more click here Bridesmaid.
Its just me and my sister Heather that are going to be bridesmaids but we haven't had any time at all to get together and go shopping. This has been a bit of a pain in the arse, for Emma in particular. Because she wants (demanded) a white and gold theme and she is waiting to match in all the accessories with the particular 'gold' that is on our bridesmaid dresses.
So Heather was out shopping on her own (not normally a good thing) and she spotted a dress. While she is in the changing room with it on she phones me to say that she has found us a gorgeous dress and she wants to buy us it. Yes 'us', i am not very happy with this at all! She loves it, she sends a picture of her wearing it to Emma (the bride), who now loves it. The only person not sure is me! I get the picture of Heather in it and yes it looks great on her. So whats my problem? Well i have bigger boobage than her and different body shape, so it might look like a bag of shite on me!
When she mentioned the price my mind was changed, it came in at £40 each, saving 'us' over a £100 each. So i told her to go for it and buy me one.

The above photographed dress is arriving on Saturday, so i will let you know whether i am a happy bunny (or not!).


  1. Ah, you have your priorities right :-D

    Do we get to see proof of boobage? ;-)

  2. It is a lovely dress. With that neckline, boobage could mean a wedding dress for you in fairly short order.

  3. Have fun being a bridesmaid. :)

  4. That looks lovely, as long as your boobs don't fall out...
    They probably wouldn't the neckline looks just about conservative enough! Can't wait to hear about/see accessories!

  5. Very nice, now a sneak preview of you wearing it x

  6. the dress looks just as good on claire as it does on me, i will be on boob wotching duty all day/night, i'll poke them back in if they fall out, no worries, thats what sisters are for after all, ha ha ha!!!!!!!hx