7 Sept 2007

Best Comment Ever (so far)

For his valiant attempt at understanding the British Language, Sarge gets an acknowledgement for making the Best Comment Ever.

"I have a BOGEY, and I thought it was a LURGY on my NOSEY PARKER. I also put my THINGAMAJIG into a BUM BAG and went to the CORNER SHOP. On the way I saw a BUILDERS BUM and it made me CRANKY because he was HAVING A WANK. At the CORNER SHOP they had SWEDE on special but I noticed it was covered with LADY BIRD and became GRASS. Therefore I got me an ICE LOLLY and went over yonder."

Well Done Sarge :) Sarge Charlie


  1. That's bloody brilliant Sarge. I love it too and congratulations. What a nice thing for Claire to do. :)

  2. I believe the Sarge was taking the piss, was he not?

    He deserves that award and then some! Jolly good!!

  3. That Sarge...he is a sweetie pie! :)

    Great job on this one Claire.

  4. Sarge needs to fly the Jolly Roger when he is up to something this good!!!
    How funny and I love it that you awarded him!

  5. Sarge Charlie is surely the Will Shakespeare of the 21st Century.
    "Booger or Bogey: that is the question" :o)

  6. Fantastic Sarge. Now Claire all you have to do is get Bee to video Sarge at his desk (like a news reader) reading this out loud, then up load it & give you the HTML/embed code for the best post of all time award x x x x

  7. Witty and relevant comments to posts are always the ones I like too.

  8. That was so funny, well done to Sarge Charlie.

  9. Yep, I said it before: Best. Comment. Ever.

    Cheers, Sarge!