7 Sept 2007

Its taking forever!

Its taking forever for me to write a post today, i am trying to tidy up, get my stuff for enrolment tomorrow and a million other things.

Whats coming:
1. Connor's first day of school.
2. Show me the money.
3. Oozing Grey matter (code for whatever else i think of).
4. A prize for visitor 20,000!


  1. Conner's very first day of school or the first day this year? Are you going to do a big deal over you 20,000 visitor? You are really close Claire. You just have to have a big do with a prize and all. You haven't done that in awhile. Hey, it was tons of fun! Have a great day. :)

  2. what will i get as a prize if it is me a lurgy that looks like a bogey.

  3. Ooooh, a prize! I should say I will also be interested in what else you write ;-)