27 Sept 2007

Blogging against ABUSE!

Bloggers Unite
Blogging against ABUSE, where to start? From speaking out against Child Abuse all the way to Animal Abuse, they all pull at the heart strings and evoke some emotion. How can i just pick one to holler about?
Lets get basic, what is the definition of abuse?

Abuse refers to the use or treatment of something (a person, item, substance, concept, or vocabulary) that is seen as harmful. The term can be used for anything ranging from the misuse of a piece of equipment to the severe maltreatment of a person.

I have pondered and pondered at what subject i should write on, but alas i can not pick just one thing that particular enrages me, ABUSE of any kind makes me crazy.
In my not to distant future as a honest to god counsellor, i know i am going to be confronted by ABUSE in all guises. ABUSE of any kind has far reaching affects, not just for abused, i just hope that in my own small way i can help.



  1. It is/was tough to pick a particular abuse topic to write about. We opted to do much the same type of post actually.

  2. I agree it was hard - you covered them all!

  3. So right Claire & I'm sure you'll help many a client in your future career x x

  4. so red, are ya' sayin' my comments are abusive? hmmm? little one???

    smiles, bee

  5. I was an intake secretary in Special Education and did paperwork to get infants to 18 year olds in placement. Some of the infants/babies were born addicted and suffered tremendously.
    Some of the older kids had been abused physically and emotionally. I applaud what you're doing here and yes, your career will bring you lots of heartache, but by wanting to help, I know you will!!!

  6. Great to see you joined in 'stop the abuse' day. You are so right any abuse is totally abhorrent!