27 Sept 2007

The cupboard monster is ill....

The cupboard monster is ill, otherwise known as the mother. I think it may be some ghastly hospital bug, so the doctor has been called.

Update: hours and hours later, after another phone call to prove that yes my mum did in fact need a doctor, one showed up!
I showed the doctor to the cupboard and waited around for the verdict.

I heard the doctor thinking aloud:

"There is a lot of that going around."
My God, that's the third one this week. I'd better learn
something about this.

"If it doesn't clear up in a week, give me a call."

I don't know what it is. Maybe it will go away by itself.

OK i didn't really hear that, the doctor seemed very nice and has prescribed some antibiotics, if they don't work then its back to the hospital for the mother.


  1. Fingers crossed for a quick recovery x x

  2. Please keep us posted. Hope all goes well.

  3. Hi Claire,

    Love to your Mum, hope she's better

  4. Maybe it's all part of the government's "clothing conspiracy" that Meloncutter was talking about on his blog this morning and they've turned it somehow into a biological warfare type thing. That's about how I feel right now with the raunchy sinus infection and barking cough I've had for over two weeks now.

    Seriously - hope your Mum gets to feeling better and do it soon too!

  5. claire not to scare you or anything but there are some bad hospital borne infections like staph and lots of stuff they do cultures on to see what grows, just any old antibiotic is not good. this really scares me. don't be surprised if she goes back in and the sooner the better i say honey. good luck and hug her for me...

    smiles, bee

  6. If you want to get sick, go to a hospital!!! It's a big, giant petrie dish.
    I'm sure your mom will be okay, but here in the states, I've learned to ask questions and lots of 'em. You have to stay on top of your own care. Thank goodness for the internet! I bet the MD's hate it.

  7. *Sigh* She'd better kick that bug out the door!!!

  8. As lond as you're fit and well, being sick is no problem, as my old gran used to say.
    Hospital bugs are nasty - hop she'll get better soon.

  9. That doesn't sound like much fun, hopefully your mother starts feeling better soon!