11 Sept 2007

Every Penny Counts

Do you collect all you spare change? I always have, ever since i was a really little.
Every time there was a build up of spare change in my purse it is emptied into the large whisky bottle shown above. Before you ask, No i didn't drink all the whisky, i got the bottle from a junk shop.
It was time to empty the pot last week with the help of my lovely assistant, Connor. He is smiling because he foolishly thought he was getting all the treasure! HAHAHAHAHA!

I am far too mean to take it the local coinstar, they steal a percentage, so i counted out every penny of it myself and bagged it up ready for the bank.
I could of done with one of those coin sorters that use batteries but i quite enjoyed counting it out.
I bagged up £210 and left about £50 in the pot, so if you don't have a money pot on the go, DO IT NOW.


  1. Love how you snuck in the batteries link! :)
    I used to collect coins, now I just put them into my register at work!

  2. I dont know what you mean Mo?


  3. I have one of those's saved our lives many a time. Last year I really thought I couldn't afford Christmas presents but thanks to the bottle I made it through. This year the bottles quite empty but still a few weeks to go :o)

  4. We always save all our change, and I'm too cheap to use a counting machine, too. After all, it's my money and I want to keep all of it! Or at least be able to use all of it.

  5. i'm trying to do this too. its amazing how fast the money adds up