10 Sept 2007

A SurPrize for visitor 20'000!

Having visitors definitely hampers blogging, they expect food, drink and you actually have to listen to them while they talk! This was after a late night last night and one or two drinks! But they were nice and have gone now, well sister leaves early in the morning.
Bridesmaid dress was tried on, it fits and there is quite a bit of boobage on show! Will do an update post and maybe a picture of me in it before Emma takes it away for safe keeping.
It was pointed out to me that visitor 20'000 is not that far away and maybe i should sort out a prize? Hmmm i thought! Well i definitely need to kiss some ass, as i have been such a bad blog buddy lately. So what have i concluded? well the winner will get:
A massive shout out by way of a full review and a SurPrize personalised to them :)

This is a photo of me and the only fella that said i looked nice on Saturday.
I think that is me caught up for now? No doubt i have forgotten something!


  1. Don't you both look so spiffy! Claire, your hair looks beautiful!!!
    He is a cutie. I think you both look nice. ;)

  2. Well, at least we know the nephew has good taste anyway, don't we? If none of the "gentlemen" where you were out and about and indulging Saturday night didn't make a similar comment to your nephews to you, then I do believe they all need new glasses, possibly even bifocals!

  3. He had already learned how to handle women, lol !
    Sometimes I surprise myself that I think about what to write on my blog while my visitors talk to me and I nod or say no, hopefully at the right moment !
    I see that your blog has two sidebars I want to do that with my travel blog but don't know how, can you tell me what I have to change ??

  4. Holy Hannah! You're friggin HOT woman!! :-)

    You look fabulous!

  5. You look grand, Claire! And I'm not sucking up to get that review, either - still a (little) way to go before the 20K is up.
    That thing is running faster than a taxameter, though...

  6. Wow, you clean up nicely! Your eyes look doubly gorgeous now with the shadow and mascara!!!
    Connor is growing up quickly!

  7. Wow, you do look nice ;-)

  8. Claire, you get more gorgeous in every picture you take!!!

    I'm 19,252 by the way!

  9. What a little hottie you are. Great shot of you. Love your big do for your 20,000 visitor. That's a big milestone you know. :)

  10. How beautiful you look! It's hard to mix blogging and busy life with company isn't it?

  11. Love your hair Red and what a handsome young man by your side. :)

  12. we all want to see the boobage claire, the rest of them will not tell you because, well, they are polite, but i am old and i don't care. ha ha ha turn on your webcam and let us see the dress! and btw, you look gorgeous girl!!! wow!

    smiles, bee

  13. Fabulous photo look like a model or film star! Loved Connors banana story...bless him.

  14. Thanks guys, you all said lovely lovely things :)

    I really really hate having photos taken and the only ones that turn out nice are ones i take myself posing with the little dude. He is my lucky charm!

    I hope there is going to be some serious sucking up for visitor 20'000!

    And boobage shots will be done for next bridesmaid update!

  15. Today I'm 19,365 which is 113 closer to 20,000 than I was yesterday.
    Let's see, if you have 635 more visitors to go to get to 20,000 then this will occur in 5.6 days.
    So expect me to be hanging out a lot here on Saturday the 15th!!!