22 Sept 2007

Gone Hiking again

I need to clear my befuddled mind, so i am off to the hills!
The mother is doing well and was even made to walk a wee bit today, also a very amusing incident occurred that i promised not to blog (so of course i will!).
I am sorry that i have not revealed visitor 20'000 yet, but i would rather make you wait and do a nice post for them.

Back Later!


  1. My mind could use a good cleaning out but my knee won't let me hike like you do, you little studlette! Now I'm talking like Bee! It's catching...
    Have a good hike and get unbefuddled.
    Love ya,

  2. Have a great hike, and try not to get bitten by midgets... or midges.. or whatever you call them!!

    And NO naked hiking!!! (Unless your hiking partner is cute!! hehe)

  3. Enjoy the hike, glad to hear Mum is doing well. x

  4. Have a nice weekend. That was good news about your mom and we will look forward to the longer blogs.

  5. Have a great hike!

    I'm sorry I haven't stopped by as much lately. :( I've been a MAJOR slacker. I'll try to do better!!

    Talk to you soon!

  6. Inspirational hill wlaking stuff, this is a basic in life we miss in Dubai!

    Great blog, from the heart and inspirational....

  7. Have a fun time and get your befuddled mind all cleared. If that happens, be sure to let me know exactly what you drank to clear it.

  8. Have fun, you deserve it!!