23 Sept 2007

Mother update

I have happily passed on your lovely well wishes to the mother, but i am saddened about the lack of donations (the mother asked for a cut). My evilness never fails to amuse her, she may look cute and innocent but she too is wicked.
She is doing very well indeed and is once more plaguing the staff as she whizzes around on her electric wheelchair. As the operation was a major one, you can never be certain how long she will have to stay in the hospital, but fingers crossed it isn't long. As i think you always heal better once your home and the mother is already itching to start her next lot of courses.

Now the amusing incident that i promised not to mention:

The mother was going to be x-rayed and was still in surgical gown and no undergarments. Getting the leg x-rayed involves some manoeuvring and no doubt certain parts of the body were exposed!
Did this embarrass the mother? No!
The mother asked the poor x-ray technician ' well you have seen my bits, felt my bum, now what are you going to do?'
His reply 'I am going to dump you'.
The mother's reply 'At least you said it to my face and not by phone'.
x-ray technician ' Just don't tell my wife'.
The mother ' Okay and you don't tell my husband'.

You wonder were you my sense humour comes from!


  1. When they passed out "stiff upper lip", you got "tongue firmly in cheek" instead.

  2. tell mum good for her with the tech!

    smiles, bee

  3. I'm glad she's doing well. Someday I hope to meet this fine lady! :)

  4. Us mothers are truely embarassing, comes with the title . . .lol. Good on her

  5. That's terrific! I would love to meet both of you loverly ladies!
    My first exposure to British humor was the "Carry On..." series. My folks would go to Los Angeles (about 30-40 miles from our home) to some artsy movie studio that showed "Carry On Nurse," etc. My dad would makes the seats shake from laughing! I must've been around 13 or so.
    I also like Mr. Bean...But the French can keep Jerry Lewis!

  6. lol - that is really funny :)

  7. Your Mum sounds absolutely adorable! So glad she's doing well. x

  8. Sounds like the tech gave it right back in equally good humor.

    Or 'humour' if you must....

  9. That is awesome. I'm glad all this mess with the hospital hasn't dampened her spirits! Attitude is everything when it comes to the healing process, and your mum has that in spades. Cheers!

  10. Glad to hear your Mum is doing well, hope she does get home soon. Over here they kick you out of the hospital to get better at home way early so she should enjoy the care as long as she is there.