2 Sept 2007

Green Thumb Sunday 1

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Warning warning! I do not actually have a green thumb!But i am attempting to be better, honest.

My mum has to do a lot of Physical therapy and Occupational therapy and through this she has now started to get back into gardening. The Occupational therapy team has managed to get an allotment, which is increasingly hard to do these days(they are prized possessions). So it is now part of her therapy to go there once a week, growing veggies, planting seeds etc.
The problem is that they only use the plot one afternoon a week and are getting overwhelmed by weeds. The solution to this? I volunteer! to help out when i can but i have no clue what to do apart from pull out weeds (i hope they are weeds). They needed someone to do the grunt work as some of the people there just don't have the strength to handle a spade.
So for my first Green Thumb Sunday i have done a lovely collage of my visit to the allotment, with the wee bit of ground i cleared slap bang in the middle. I hope i can make a valuable contribution to the allotment, so any tips on great books, ideas, etc would be great!
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  1. well the only thing i ever grew was an african violet that i didn't grow but i kept alive by ignoring for awhile but then i ignored it to death eventually. but i wanted to play anyway! ha ha

    smiles, bee

  2. Ahh all you need is your good chum Karen to help her,

  3. Gardening can be a lot of fun. I've always enjoyed going out in the garden and picking something for dinner. It's a great outdoor activity.

  4. I'm impressed! You've come a long way from your herb growing :o) I think that's a lovely thing to do Claire, not many people would volunteer for the back breaking work....well done! Tip #1...are there any stables near?...see if they'll give you some Horse Muck (that's shit to you and I) and dig it in especially in any area designated for Runner Beans next year. Welcome to GTS

  5. Welcome to GTS. You've worked so hard!! Gardening is really addictive, be warned. My best advice is...if you need advice - ASK RUTH!!

  6. Hi Claire,
    Well i am suprised that any one living in Widnes can grow anything, what with all those chemical works and Fiddlers Ferry power station for company, it going to be hard.
    Still you could ask Big Jim Mills, if he is still around, to give you a hand.
    You may be asking yourself whats he on about, but I lived in Penketh for the first 20 years of my life and use to regually venture into Widnes.
    Good luck with your allotment,which is looking pretty good, and keep on gruntting.
    By the way one of my prize possesions for sometime was a pair of lace tie ups from Big Jim...ahh those meat pies.

    Cheers Mark

  7. What a lovely thing to do and I'm sure that being outdoors will be wonderful. No gardening tips here, m grandfather was the gardener of the family, but it's not too complicated - people have been doing it since time immortal!

  8. I *love* gardening, but the weather here in Ireland this Summer has been wet to say the least. Roll on Summer 2008!

    Gardening is great therapy.

    Have a great Sunday!

  9. Welcome to GTS! Your volunteer work certainly sounds rewarding. Good luck,

  10. Oh, thats just excellent therapy!

    How nice of you to volunteer!

  11. Good on ya girl but I'm with CG! the only tip I have so far is here -

    If you do have any specific questions drop me email & I'll ask Tom & Barbara (aka sister & her hubby!)

  12. I didn't know much about gardening when I inherited the farm garden but it is great to learn. Welcome to GTS and enjoy the gardening. Sara from farmingfriends

  13. that's real nice of you to volunteer! :)
    welcome to GTS!

  14. Welcome to GTS! Gardening can be therapeutic and needs a lot of work as well. But in the end you will see the reward of your beautiful flowers.