1 Sept 2007

Home Alone!

When your a teenager being left home alone is great fun but when your 25 and low on funds it is damn boring!
The folks have gone away for a week and i have lots of jobs to do before i go back to college. So what would of been a period of just getting drunk and sleeping a lot, is now filled with mundane things and blogging!

I think i am depressed* after my holidays and being back here in gloomy Widnes.

*Note, not really depressed just grumpysmile


  1. I'm depressed because I haven't had one :-(

  2. Try being almost 63 years old, on the lovely but low-funding social security and nowhere to go, nothing to do here but cook or clean, change dirty diapers too for a "change of pace" so to speak! ARRGH! Not depressed, just bored here. My daughter asked what I plan to do after Maya starts going to school next week and I told her "Sleep!"

  3. Hey grumpy. I'm sleepy. :)
    heh heh heh...get it we're dwarfs!!

  4. And I'm happy - well, sometimes though I would be happier to be home sleeping rather than at work for 16 hours!