10 Sept 2007

He only got a Banana!

On Friday it was Connor my youngest nephew's first day of school! They only go for a couple of hours in the first week so i picked him up just before lunch as Jemma was working.
As i stood there waiting for him to come out i realised it was over 20 years since i had been in same place as him! Ewan and him are going to the same school as me, Jemma and Heather went, boy did i feel an old 25.
After posing for some pictures, lets just say this boy is not camera shy, we headed back to my house for some lunch. While waiting for the food to be ready i asked him if he had a nice time at his new 'big' school, his reply 'I only got a banana'. Not really the answer that i was looking for, so i pressed on and found out that he had painted, somebody put paint up his nose and then they did some more pictures. I got the over all impression that he enjoyed it.
When Jemma came to pick him up I told her about the banana statement and she laughed. What was so funny about this banana? Apparently Connor had been expecting to start his proper school dinners and was upset about only getting a banana for his snack.


  1. Poor guy...that's what schoo has come to these days, 'eh?! They're worried about kids being obese, so they're just going to starve 'em!

    He's a cutie pie. I'm glad he had a great first day.

  2. How sweet! Glad he enjoyed it - nothing like getting paint up your nose!

  3. Yes, if I was expecting a full dinner and only got a banana, I'd be complaining, too!
    Great picture!

  4. Ah starting big school is such a milestone. Our Harry started nursery today - and screamed the place down!

  5. Great Post I will let Kian see it in the morning

  6. Well, growing boys need sustenance and banana's just don't cut it! Very cute.