4 Sept 2007

Italy part otto. Barga and then la fine.

Welcome to Barga a beautiful medieval city, for more info click here Barga.
Even though its a city it felt more like a town. It is has big connections with Scotland as a lot of folk from here left to work there, Scottish flags are all over the place.
There was a jazz festival going on when we arrived (nice) but it was too early to hear anything when we got there.
The views were yet again amazing and i am so glad the weather had cleared so i could get a last lot of photos. Even if your not into Churches and old buildings, the scenery that surrounds the city is just lovely.

We headed back to the B&B for another absolutely amazing dinner prepared by Roy, he really was an amazing chef! I was stuffed but you just didn't want to leave anything on your plate.
Then i thought it was time to pack and guess what my bag buckled under pressure! The zip broke and after panicking for a while i got Karen to fix it for me (phew!). Time now for the last sleep in my lovely room :)

As my flight was an hour and a half before the others, we had to set off pretty early to get to the airport. Once at the airport i was dumped outside to hurry to the check in while they took their time taking the car back to the hire centre.
Once i was all checked in and waiting for the flight i got to thinking what if the zip bust again and all my dirty pants ended up strewn over the conveyor belt? urgghhhhh!
No priority boarding on the way back so had to queue for ages, but the flight was fine and i landed in an actually SUNNY England.
So ends my wonderful Trip to Italy, I highly recommend it! Also i will be doing a round up post with links to all the posts.

Any questions about my trip?

When i arrived back in England i had less than 24 hours to wash my pant and get packed for my caving/bunk barn weekend - That's coming soon with video footage :)


  1. i am so glad you got to go on this trip red! you little stinker!

    smiles, bee

  2. I've had quite an adventure just reading about yours!!!

  3. I have a recommendation for you! One of those elastic clip things that go around your bag in case it splits. I'm phobic about my dirty washing falling out too!

  4. Well, you've convinced me through the posts and pictures this is a place I'd like to go to some time.

  5. I love your sidebar poem on listening. Amazing how many people don't get it (myself included sometimes). I hope you'll visit my blog and tell your blog buddies.

  6. Sounds like you had a great time Claire and I loved the photos. x

  7. Um, yes....can you please post a picture of yourself on vaca?

    Thank you very much.


  8. Sounds a fabulous trip. Reckon you brought back the sunshine with you :o) Looking forward to seeing caving/bunk barn vid.

  9. Sounds like a fab trip or a warn out student to recoup before this term x x x