3 Sept 2007

Mother of Mine

I don't talk about my mum much, even though i am her 'official' carer. By that i mean i help her out around the house and do the cooking for the family (mum, dad, me).
This is a mutual beneficial arrangement as i still live at home with folks and this allows me to pursue my counselling studies and volunteer work (blogging too).

Anyway i couldn't list all the things wrong with the woman (mum) as that would take a millenia! She has been doing well with all her physio, occupational therapy, growth hormone and bone treatment. The next on the list is more operations in a couple of weeks.

Operation 1: will be opening up the left leg having a fiddle with donor bone, her femur was badly broken for those that don't know and replaced with a donor bone, pinned, wired and had bone putty added. So that will need to be looked at and cleaned.

Operation 2: Depending on how operation 1 goes, the right leg will then be messed with as it has had a lot of pressure on it due to left leg being knackered for so long.

Operation 3: The vertebrae in the mum's neck are not aligned correctly they are more like steps at the moment and that is causing great pain in the neck (sounds funny but isn't) also pain down arms and in hands. So needs to be sorted but is a dangerous operation.

NOTE: all these operations are Major! even more so for the mum as she is allergic to General Anaesthetic and has a annoying habit of ending up in intensive care with her whole body paralysed. This is a horrible and terrifying sight to behold and i have warned the mother not to do it again!

The photo is of the mum and junior (younger sister Heather).

I will keep you posted on this.


  1. What a special person you are; all these worries yet you still carry on giving us all support and great entertainment on your blog. Your Mum must be so proud to have you as a daughter. I really hope your Mum has a great time in Devon as she has a lot to go through soon. There's such an incredible family likeness between you, your sister and Mum....naturally you're are the prettiest! :o)
    Right enough of the slushy stuff...don't think that just cos the family's away you can sit on your computer all day! Don't you have any reading to do for your course? Are your pencils sharpened? is your bedroom tidy? and that kitchen floor could do with a wash!!!!!!

  2. Wow - you and your sister look very alike! I thought that was you maybe when you were a bit younger until I read that it was Heather and your Mum.

    It sounds like she has been through so much and has so much more to go through, I sure hope that all operations work out well for her. I'm sure the cervical issues are causing all sorts of nerve damage so hopefully once they get that all straightened out it will relieve the pains in her hands, etc.

    I wish her the best of luck and I must say she has an excellent daughter in you - keep up the fantastic care-giving!

  3. I can imagine that that's very difficult to deal with all that your mother is going through, especially on top of school and your "normal" life. The operations sound so scary, your family is really brave in dealing with all of this. Best of luck to your mother for the up coming surgeries.

  4. oh dear, poor darling mum!! please give her a hug from me honey... please??? tell her i will pray for her and i hope she is strong again soon. i understand what it feels like to be facing stuff. sigh...

    smiles, bee

  5. Please do keep us posted on you Mom. I'll be sending lots of good thoughts and prayers your way, darling. :)

  6. It must be dificult to watch your Mum suffer but I'm sure your support brings her some relief, peace of mind, a few smiles & that all annoying worry our kids never fail to hand out to us parents (ie climbing down dark caves!!!) . . . Fingers crossed for the future ops & don't forget you can't care for others if you don't look after yourself x x x

  7. Gosh, that's lots of major stuff for Mum! Your family is in my prayers.
    love ya!

  8. Your poor mom has a tough row to hoe. Please let her know that I will hold her in my prayers, along with your family...
    Just facing one of these things is bad but a whole list is awful! I agree with Linda with the cervical problems. Hopefully, that will help the pain.