1 Sept 2007

Italy part sei. Lucca

Today was a busy busy day, already we have been up a mountain, walked the streets of a hillside mountain village and now we are trudging around the beautiful city of Lucca.

To read more about Lucca click here. It was lovely here and boy the folks must be absolutely minted to live there, the place itself is valued as priceless.
There are lots of windy little streets, churches, gorgeous old buildings and shops. I think we must of looked at every home furnishing and cookery shop, as Karen and Ste were looking for things for their new house. I just daydreamed about one day being able to get stuff for a house. If you are a fan of antiques then this was the place to be, antique shops galore and lots of open air vendors with some really (really) nice things, from humongous bronze eagles to ornate fireplaces (loads of wonga though).
It wasn't hard at all to take nice photographs here but i am rather pleased with how these and all the photos i have taken turned out. So so pleased i have a digital camera and am able to share my trip with you.

Tiredness eventually kicked in and we headed back towards the B&B for some grub and a kip.

Only two instalments left of my wee trip to Italy ! Grotto del vento (caves of wind) and Barga.


  1. nice red, very nice... you little wiggler!

    smiles, bee

  2. I love the one in the center the best (photo that is). :)

  3. Good photos Clair, seems like you enjoyed your travels.

  4. I have finally caught up on your trip to Italy. Great pictures and seems as if you had a fantastic time.

  5. Ya know, if you have a lag here and there in the employment with the counseling thing, you could always fall back on the photography and writing and do up a travel book or two - or more, maybe! Just a thought for an alternative form of employment in the future kid.