3 Sept 2007

Italy part sette. The Caves of Wind

Today was raining so what could we do? To the bat cave! OK not the bat cave, to the Caves of Wind! Otherwise known as Grotto del vento. It was a rather precarious journey to the cave, lots of scary blind corners, crazy drivers and rain, but we got there in the end.
Proof that the world is a small place indeed was that there was enough English people at the cave to warrant an English speaking tour, which we of course joined in.
The caves go right into the belly of the mountain and were very impressive, lots of strange formations, which you can see in the pictures above. You couldn't touch them or lick them as that dissolves them, apparently folks have licked them before (no i didn't try).
If you click the photo will also see the skeleton of a large bear that was in there, glad it was just a skeleton, he looks pissed off even as a skeleton.
I annoyed the tour guides assistant by staying a the back of the group to take photos and was the last person to leave the cave! I felt at home there.

When we emerged from the cave the rain had stopped hooray! So we went on to Barga. That will be the very last Italy addition from me.


  1. we have caves just up the road from me...they are spectacular....large ladders to climb down...I think one of them is like a 6 sotery building or something like that...pretty neat...those one you visited look cool as well...

  2. Caves are very cool indeed (in more ways than one!) but I tend to be claustrophobic so can't really spend much time in them.

    Ditto on the mad bear! Good thing he was just a skeleton!

  3. Another batch of great photos Claire. Such a coincidence...our house is known as the Cave of Wind after a take away curry! :o)...we don't have any bear skeletons though.

  4. Great photos Claire - now if they'd really been bat caves you wouldn't have got me in them!

  5. Cool caves, well worth a visit x

  6. Looks like hibernating wasn't good for that bear.


  7. Great photos. I love looking at our holiday pics when the weather isn't good! Yes, I have been looking at them quite a lot lately! LOL!

  8. Lick them?
    Caves I've been in have a strict "no touching" policy on formations, because the salt & oils of human sweat will alter the formations, but licking???? Never heard of that?

    Thanks for sharing pictures of your adventures with us!

  9. You got some pretty awesome cave shots! :)