14 Sept 2007

Stuffed Animals

Awhile back Linda from 'Are We There Yet' asked a question about childhood stuffed animals and did we still have ours. I have been meaning to do a post about this for ages! I don't have a stuffed animal but i do have a two faced raggedy Anne doll and i have had her since i was born (i think), well a very long time at least.

When i get back from camping i will take a photo of her. Do any of you still have yours?


  1. I have so many stuffed animals; I can't resist the stuffed animal tombola stalls at fairs!

  2. Marvelous Marvin, Mr BC won him for me when we first met, he was a big tiger just like Mr BC. Growing up in the 50s we did not have a lot of stuffed animals, since Plastics was so big, I was really into Dolls.

  3. My sister is 10 years older than me & gave me her first bear when I was born, I carried him everywhere. Then when my niece was born I gave him back so the Bear goes on, with slightly less colour & stuffing & a few stiches under the arm!