14 Sept 2007

The Tablecloth

What is the worse present you have ever received? I once got a god awful handbag off my auntie when i was 15, i mean it was disgusting and i wasn't that into handbags (then). I later found out she had bought a load of them in a sale and palmed them off to all her nieces, the nephews were spared this time (lucky buggers).
On asking my mum this question, she said the worse gift she has received was me! Okay she never said that. It was a tablecloth that she and my dad got as a wedding present.

How about you?

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  1. Mr Bankerchick does not follow me out to my comments so I'll confess it was a YELLOW Sweat suit he gave me that made me look like Big Bird. I also got 8 identical salad bowls with silver plate servers, I regifted for a lot of years of weddings, just checking my bride book to make sure I didn't give to the giver.