11 Oct 2007

Birthday tomorrow

Its my Birthday tomorrow! I actually i am a miserable sod and don't like birthdays that much but i will be busy with student meetings, seeing the grandfolks, going out for a meal, wine festivals and i need to fit in paid posts that are due in by the 13th, so its a PAID POST ALERT! Well it wont be that bad as i slot them in between real posts, there is just going to be quite a few.


  1. Happy Birthday a day early - even if it is on a paid post!

  2. This isn't a paid post, its a paid post alert!


    Thank you very much indeedy!

  3. I'll force a glass of wine down myself tomorrow to wish you a Happy Birthday...wish I'd realised earlier I would have sent to a card...mind you we the post being the way it is at the moment you probably wouldn't get it till next year!!!!
    {{Birthday Huggs}}

  4. Wishing you a wonderful and special birthday Claire!

  5. Well, happy birthday pumpkin.

    Hope you have a great day!

  6. With all the "wine festivals" -- what's that code for, eh? -- you may not get in as many of the paid posts as you'd intended....

    Happy Birthday.