10 Oct 2007

Counselling Time : Mind Maps

Today was my first meeting as student rep for my counselling course and it went quite well. I only found out about it yesterday due to this bloody postal strike! So i had no chance to ask my fellow students if they had any pressing issues. Luckily I had a few things in my emergency 'thought' hat, its not a real hat by the way, just in case you were confused. What things were in the hat then? Books are always are pressing issue to most students as the library never has enough or doesn't have all the relevant ones to the course. So i demanded at least two of the main ones, with enough copies for everyone. Also i want a mock counselling room for our skills practices, so I asked for that as well. I was more than surprised, shocked even when the nice lady said she would see what she could do! Result! Next is the big student council on Friday morning and i will demanding nicer sandwiches for us poor night class folk.

I have been working on Mind Maps to better illustrate some of my counselling homework, so that is why i have been a bit absent as its bloody time consuming! Anybody a whizz at online mind maps?


  1. Ermmmm....honest answer NO! Don't even know what a mind map is. :o(

  2. Did a Google...seems it's like a Spidergram...understand now :o)