24 Oct 2007

Cupboard Monster the Home Coming

The Cupboard Monster should be on her way home soon, it was meant to be today but i think she was getting a little ahead of herself there. She has healed from the op really well and the first lot of physio also got the thumbs up.
Cupboard monster is sick of been poked and prodded, anything from catheters to IV bags. So she is more than ready to be safely shoved backed into her cupboard, lets just see if the doctors agree with her. I will update this post before i have to go back to other house, thanks for your continued well wishes, it has cheered me up.


  1. Yippee. Glad mum if finally coming home and that all is well. Have a great day. :)

  2. Well, continuing to send cheer, then. Happy for your news.

  3. Still thinkin' about her and sending good thoughts your way! :)