14 Oct 2007

Cupboard Monster Surgery Update

The surgery was bloody cancelled yesterday and she is still waiting to see if she will get operated on today, its already past 7pm over here. The Cupboard Monster is tired and bored but other than that is not too bad. Its her birthday on 17th so it looks like she will be in for her birthday again!

I am house/dog sitting these next couple of weeks so i wont be able to update until tomorrow.


  1. Why was it cancelled?!

    Keep us posted. I'm still sending good thoughts and prayers your way.

  2. No bloody idea, nothing to do with the cupboard monster probably an emergency spleen removal or something like that took precedence over the mother.

    Thank You TISH :)

  3. all the best to her please, give her a hug from me...

    smiles, bee