13 Oct 2007

Gone to Wine Festival!

I am not here, i am at Wine Fest!

Enjoy a wine joke while i am gone:

The policeman signals to an car driver to pull over to the side of the road, due to the fact that he appears to be driving erratically. He says to the driver, "You appear to have been drinking!"

The driver answers, "No sir, I am just tired."

The policeman looks into the car and notices that the driver is a priest! He also notices that there is an empty bottle on the floor. He says to the driver, "What is, or should I say was in this bottle?

The driver answers, "Water!"

The policeman says, "It is not, it's wine!"

The driver looks up to the heavens and says, "Oh Lord, you have done it again!"


  1. Stay away from the water there. I've heard it's bad for driving.

  2. Enjoy! Have a glass for me while you're there too.

  3. Love that joke....I have an empty wine bottle do you rekon if I fill it with water it will work for me :o) Hope you enjoyed your birthday celebrations.