16 Oct 2007

No surgery yet!

They BOLLIXED up on the schedule again and there was no surgery today! So the cupboard monster has said no to any surgery till Friday. This will allow her to get some sleep and eat some birthday cake tomorrow!

House sitting sucks at the moment as i want the Internet there! Buggers!

Things are hectic at the moment will tell you more tomorrow when i get the chance.


  1. Your poor mum! I hope they get it right on Friday - bloody idiots!

  2. Health care sucks over here in the states, but at least when we are suppose to have surgery they actually do it!

  3. STILL sending good thoughts your way. Hopefully she'll have that needed surgery SOON!

  4. Good grief! Why not traumatize the poor lady a bit more? Nothing like promoting good support for the patient...
    Please wish her a "Happy B-Day" from me.

  5. Holy Rip, Kid! If they keep postponing this over and over, pretty soon it will be Christmas and she won't have been able to do any gift shopping so you know where that's gonna leave you then don't you? Out in the cold, babycakes!
    I think, if I were you, doing these house-sitting gigs, I'd make it a requirement that the employer at LEAST, at the VERY LEAST, have a computer and internet connectivity available! Geez, there's only so much a body can stand ya know!