17 Oct 2007

One thing after another...

Hey all i am house sitting at the moment and will be for another two weeks. I normally love it, but there is so much going on at the moment that it is a pain in the arse. Even more so because they have no Internet at home. I am definitely wording that into my next gig, no Internet means no house sitting.

The cupboard monster is meant to be operated on Friday now, but as we all know that could mean anything. It seems that because she has had MRSA in the past, she must go last on the surgical schedule. The surgeons then say because she is high risk patient so she should go first? Confused? me too. She has been totally clear of MRSA for two years and only had it because of their dirty hospitals, BUGGERS! At least she will be able to have her birthday today without being woken up at 6am and starved all day. Me and the sister are doing a cake run shortly, maybe a balloon too if she is lucky.

I have not mentioned this before on my blog because it didn't feel right, but now it does. My sister has been fostering a baby girl since she was two days old. The baby is now just over six months and will be leaving on Friday to live with another foster carer. She is leaving because my sister is going to live in Hamburg, as her fella has got a job there for two years. So its a double blow for me! The baby is lovely and foolishly i have become very attached to the little one. I don't know what hurts more at the moment, the baby going on Friday or the fact that when the sister goes to Germany i wont see my nephews when i want to.

Fostering is a WONDERFUL thing and due to circumstances i cant go into, Jemma could not of kept the baby anyway, no matter how much they wanted to. So the baby is only going a bit sooner than she would of. Them moving to Hamburg is a great opportunity and the kids are going to go to a great school.
Everything is just happening at once, the cupboard monster in hospital, the baby leaving on Friday and the sister going to Germany.

I will post more when i can.

Update: I don't think i have done the best job at explaining how i feel about fostering and the nephews going to Hamburg, so i will be posting more about it when i feel more sensible.


  1. The baby is adorable - for sure. And, the nephews are as handsome as can be too. Ok, so you can't pop over to Germany for a visit any time you want but look at it this way, it will give you an excuse to plan some nice vacations there and also, to provide us with all kinds of lovely photos of that place too.
    Start writing up you contract now for the next house sitting job so you have everything included in there that you want - and need - like internet!

  2. Sorry that you have to say goodbye to the baby. That is hard. ((hugs))

  3. Big hugs Claire - I know how much you will miss all of them.

    Happy b-day to your Mum :-)

  4. You have a lot on your plate right now don't you? If it helps to know, I am sending positive thoughts your way...
    ~Olga (& Shawn)

  5. I know how sad this is making you Claire-I was secretly hoping that because you hadn't talked about it that plans had royally stinks that they haven't.

    LOTS of hugs to you.

  6. Saying goodbye always stinks but at least you can take comfort in knowing that the baby had lots and lots of love for the past six months. I hope she finds as much love at her next foster home.

    Your nephews won't be as close but you can certainly go visit and what a great reason to go to Germany!

    Thinking good thoughts for your mum. I know from my job that MRSA can be tricky so I understand the doctor's caution which makes it safer for your mum as well as the other patients in hospital.

    Sending you thoughts of love and support - hugs from across the ocean!

  7. First a Happy Birthday to your Mum and hope the op happens this time.
    I've no doubt your sister moving is going to be a wrench for you all. When Leanne and the kids were in Germany it seemed so far away (though it's not) but we did manage to visit quite often. One boon for you will be the Internet (when it's working) we didn't have that joy and had to rely on phone calls. Do you have a web cam..ok the pictures are sometimes a bit fuzzy...but it would be a great way for you keep in contact. Keep smiling :o)

  8. You certainly have a lot on your plate at the moment, Claire.
    So sorry about the baby - you can't be a foster parent (or aunt) without caring, you wouldn't be normal if you didn't...
    Fostering is a wonderful thing, but there's always that ghost of having to part looming overhead, which is why we never got further than considering it. (That, and our own continuous production of offspring!)
    Germany is only a bloghop away, and with Ryanair and the likes in operation, it doesn't have to be all that expensive either. Think of it as an experience in their lives and yours - in two years time, they may even have a little cousin to come home to, lol!!! (If you and that Mountie of Kai's hit it off, that is...)
    Teach your sister to set up a blog and upload pics before they go!
    I hope baby gets a lovely foster family, that nephews & sis & fella have a grand old time in Germany, that the mother finally finds herself on an 'op-table, and that she had a great birthday!
    Will be thinking about you all tomorrow.

  9. I think everyone has already said everything I was going to, so suffice it to say sending lots of prayers your way!

    p.s. There's been nothing but talk of MRSA on the news all day today. I'm wondering now if it had anything to do with my cousin's death...

  10. Thanks for stopping by my site Claire, hope things get a little better for you, spending time away from people you love can tough.

    They look like beautiful kids, take care, or better yet take a hike that always helps me a out bit.

  11. That's a bummer. As much as I poke fun of, argue with my kiddies, I'd be very sad to see them leave. Heck, after this year, unless Em decides on more schooling, I'll be officially in empty nest mode.

  12. What a lovely photo! How can one not help but become attached to those adorable children?
    Sorry to hear everything appears to be happening at once. I'm sure it'll all sort itself out fine.

    PS Thanks for paying me a visit and commenting!