20 Oct 2007

One Goodbye and One Operation.

The thoughts have been somewhat gathered together, well enough to write a post or two. The foster baby left yesterday morning, i spent some time with her on Thursday while Jemma had some errands to do. I tried to be all casual about it, but when i was sat with the baby on my knee i just couldn't help choking up. So her last image of me is as a blubbering fool, who was trying to smile whilst crying. I am not normally such an emotional person and it kind of ruins my super cool persona (in my mind i am super cool). I hope foster baby is well looked after and maybe someday she will find out that for the first six months of her life she was with a family that really loved her.

The cupboard monster was finally operated on this morning and is feeling fine! The crazy woman only went an had the operation under local anaesthetic instead of a general one, to the lessen the complications. So is feeling quite chirpy and loves watching operations, so why not her own. This mean she may actually get out of hospital before Jemma and family leave for Germany, which will be great for her.

I am off out tonight for the first of Jemma's leaving night outs, i expect i shall be rather squiffy!


  1. So glad to hear the cupboard monster is feeling chirpy and well - it's about damned time!

    Sorry to hear that the baby has gone from your life and I'm sure that was very hard to deal with but you are still super cool in my book - even more so because you can and do choke up. Never lose the ability to do that!

  2. (((hugs))) I hope she knows how much she was loved.

  3. Oh gosh she was so cute. I am so sad that she's gone. :(

    Glad your mum finally had her surgery and she's doing well.

  4. Glad (for both of you -- make that ALL of you) that the surgery finally happened and that your mum seems to be doing so well. I wish her a speedy recovery.

  5. Too bad for the baby, but I'd have been acting just like you did. What a shame.

    Glad the cuboard monster finally had her surgery and is doing well. :)

  6. I am SO glad this part of your mom's ordeal is over! Finally...
    I hope her recovery is speedy w/o
    any more comps.
    I could NEVER be a foster parent and I think it's marvelous that your sister can do it. I'd still be bawling. And yes, you are very cool...don't think of yourself as any other way. We sure don't!

  7. Super cool you are. Choking up is a super cool thing to do.
    Honors to your sister.

    Get Mum out of there! Before Monster bacteria strike again!

  8. I'm glad the operation went well, and that it finally went.

    I hope placement goes well for foster baby, too.

  9. Glad the op finally happened and that your Mum is ok. Sending a hug