18 Oct 2007

Hmmm and Ermmmmm

I have many thoughts rolling around this noggin of mine, but they are struggling to actually form into a sensible post. I have about ten posts at various stages of completion, but none are ready to go.
I really need to get my counselling homework into some serious order, luckily we have next week off. Not that i will have that much free time with all thats going on.

So hmmmm and ermmmmm while i gather my thoughts.


  1. I have 3 subjects homework to do over half term, three days away, two days when Leanne and the kids visit, everything has to come out of the hall so I can lay a new (second hand) carpet...AGHHHHH!!!!!!
    Good luck with the thought gathering :o)

  2. Keep gathering. Hope your mom's surgery finally gets done.

  3. I can truly relate to this post. I've felt like this often! By the way, the "Counselling The Poem" on your sidebar is absolutely FABULOUS!

  4. When I feel like this I don't bother to post. At least you have the guts to come on and tell us what's up! Way to go...
    Anxious to hear from you tomorrow.
    Good luck with everything.

  5. Did you gather them up yet? Well, did you. I hate it when I can't think straight. Go to the pub for a bit and you'll be brilliant. Have a great weekend Claire. :)

  6. Hey Claire....gosh I haven't been around for a bit....I hope on those lists of posts you got the one on showing us pictures of your surrounding area ....remember the one Gene is hosting tomorrow....look forward to seeing it....hope the house sitting is going well....cheers