2 Nov 2007


Do you believe in Aliens? A lot of people are convinced that I am either an alien or that I have been taken one time too many. I wonder what they mean by that? I am sure I would remember an anal probe or a plasma cutter experience? Any how moving on before i lose vast amounts of time again.
So do you believe in beings from another planet or do you have a friend/friends that behave they like are from out of space?


  1. For many years, I didn't believe in aliens or creatures from outer space, but all things considered of some folks I have met over the years, I'm beginning to think there may be some type of link. Probably more people think that about me though than I do others. How about you? What's your take since you asked the question.

  2. I think there is something out there, but i always think that when i am upp way late blogging :)