26 Nov 2007


Now that the party season has started its time to get the party clothes out and also do another cartoon for Kai as she loves them so. I don't know whether she is being a sarcastic biatch or not, but tough if she is. Akelamalu has also spotted that I am loving doing these cartoons, its my latest addiction. Now I have to figure out how to animate them wouldn't that be cool!

Anyway back to party season and corsets, cartoon me is wearing a lovely pink one and being sick. I must of fastened the corset too tightly on cartoon me and then ate some Chinese food mixed with cocktails. I am nothing like the cartoon me, honest.
By party season I mean the lead up to Christmas when you have to go out every weekend and celebrate with various friends and family.


  1. Just look at the cleavage you get with that corset!!!

  2. Party season? Go out every weekend before Christmas? Wow. I sure do live a sheltered life.

  3. Wow! Cartoon cleavage rocks and so does cartoon vomit! Kudos!