26 Nov 2007

Whose Birthday?

Just using this cartoon I did, can you tell whose birthday it is?

PS: Its not mine.
PPS: Its a regular visitor to this blog and they are on my sidebar.
PPPS: Alison got it right it is in fact Mother of six! yes six, Stine.
Click the cartoon to go and say Happy Birthday, she is 63 today.

Update: Okay she is not 63, she is 44 and her children are very happy I need to work on my cartooning skills some more :)


  1. Stine?? I didn't peek either...

  2. I just went and wished her a happy birthday....

    Make more cartoons - they are my only source of entertainment!!!

  3. Thank you, thank you - you've drawn a very pretty cartoon me for a lady of 63...
    Th kids look just right, too, except they're not always as depressed as they may seem here.
    And I did have a very good birthday - you know you must be 63 when your favorite prezzie is the half hour snooze on the sofa!

  4. I think, based on these cartoons you're putting up here Claire, you either will make a mint as a cartoonist or -well, maybe you need to keep studying very hard to make sure you have an alternate form of potential employment to fall back on. Too funny, kid! Just too doggone funny!