3 Nov 2007

First Stop

Some folks already know that i am heading to the good old US of A next year for a little trip. The majority of the time is going to be spent in Las Vegas but at this moment in time i haven't decided where to fly into and whether i should make the trip a wee bit longer.
I don't have the time or money to make it a super long trip this time, that long trip is going to be after i have finished my diploma. So you never know whose door i am going to knock on, are y'all scared now? See i even sound American now! I say Awesome and Cool all the time, nobody will be able to tell that i am British.


  1. Oh a guessing game. I heard you were heading this way. You will love Las Vegas. You really will. It's an adult playground. Have a great day Claire, and no...I'm not scared. :)

  2. I'll be going to Vegas too next year. Fly to Arkansas and we can go together! ;)