3 Nov 2007

Cupboard Monster Latest

Sorry for not updating you on the Cupboard Monster sooner, for those just tuning in, the cupboard monster is in fact my mum. My mum is bemused by the fact that i call her the cupboard monster, but that will soon fade once she is home from hospital and back in her cupboard.
The leg is not broken! Apparently as the mum doesn't have a proper hip socket anymore due to it wearing away, the leg came out and caused some damage. Tendons were ripped and a wires from previous operations caused some confusion in the x rays.So no more operations for the time being. Still not sure when she will be home as she needs to get her 'levels' sorted out due to suffering from Addison's Crisis, which i will explain in a more in depth post.

If you would like to catch up on this saga click here: The Story so far .


  1. Glad to hear that your mum's leg is not broken and hopefully she will be out of hospital soon and back home making your life miserable! Just kidding but you deserve it for being such a brat sometimes!

  2. Good to hear your mum doesn't need to have another operation but I hope she's home soon!

  3. Poor mum (cupboard monster) sure has had a rough time with all this. I hope she will get to come home soon. :)

  4. At least she'll be back in the comforts of her own home soon. :)

  5. Maybe she can have a wooden leg from the knee up?
    That was a joke, although it doesn't sound like much fun for your mum at the moment. The cupboard sounds much better!
    Do you let her out of there so she can cook the turkey for Christmas? I've been thinking of getting a cupboard for 3 PMS-ridden daughters, so I can store them there once a (most of the) month.
    IKEA, is it???
    Get well, monster!