4 Nov 2007

Green Thumb Sunday 6

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Well i have been totally without green thumbs for a few weeks now! The mum is still in hospital but improving, so no allotment yet. The place will be a wilderness by the time i get back there. Also no hiking for a while due to everything that has been going on.
My next task is going to be a small scale gardening project of growing a cactus from seed. Cactus plants are the only thing that i have really managed to grow and keep alive.
The oldest, is this fella, who is about 17 now, I have never named him/her i wonder if i should?

I received this little gift as i joke, but i hope to be able to grow my own baby cactus.

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  1. Hi Claire,
    How about Cyril, i think that would suit a cactus from the wilds of Widnes, did you see me waving last week ....

    Cheers Mark

  2. Another person with a cactus for Green Thumb Sunday! Usually I'm the only one. Starting seed is easy--keeping it growing is another thing. It just needs plenty of light and very little soil moisture to get it started.
    Happy GTS,

  3. Considering the fact you are supposed to talk to your plants (lovingly, Claire) to make them feel wanted, appreciated and believing in themselves that they need to grow, to stay alive while under your guidance and care, I think a name for your cactus is only right and fitting. Might I suggest Clyde, the Cactus?

  4. Do you mean this poor cactus is 17 and you've not given him an identity!!!! Trying to think of all the pricks I've known that you could name him after....oops I mean prickly things that you could name him after.

  5. 17? Soon you'll be sending him off to college. You better give him a name before he goes.
    I hope your mom gets better soon.

  6. Funny guy ;-) I always find cactus flowers funny, they have verrry interesting shapes sometimes. And easy to take care of, but not to handle. Ouch.

    It's a fun birthday gift indeed, especially if the person don't have green thumbs....

  7. Well, you could call him Pr*ckless or something...
    Green Thumb Sunday, there's one I've missed, which is probably just as well, since indoor plants live roughly 2 weeks longer than a bouquet in this house. I try to teach them to fend for themselves, but they just don't get it.
    It would have to be cactus posts all winter!