4 Nov 2007

No hiking again

Well i didn't get to put the hiking boots on again this weekend, as my hiking buddy has been over doing it in the squash courts. Bloody selfish of her i say! Hm mph. So no more new hiking pictures till next week now.
The cupboard monster may be released on Tuesday, but that is nowhere near set in stone, fingers crossed though. She is looking much better and is using a elbow walking frame quite well indeed. Once she is home, the community physios will be coming out for home visits and working on her, before she is allowed to go back to her allotment. If that goes well she will be allowed to get on some courses that have been in the pipe works.
Back to college for me tomorrow and i am already behind in my assignments, I am very disappointed in myself! There is no point kicking myself when i am down though. So nose to the grindstone for me for a few weeks.

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