5 Nov 2007

Manic Monday: Earth

Hey all, I have been a bad Manic Monday participant lately, but Mo knows I love him.
I love this week's Earth theme, as i get to talk about hiking again. Those that are regulars to this here site know i love the hiking.
I have done many post on the subject, just click here Hiking.

Without some solid albeit muddy earth beneath my feet, hiking wouldn't be the same! Who wants to walk on tarmac?

Don't get me wrong i am no mountain goat springing up the hills, I swear, sweat and moan a lot! Especially when those bloody 80 year olds just stride past me. Hiking gives me a rare moment of PEACE and my mind is blissfully at peace even if my body isn't.
When you get to the top of a hill, mountain or ridge and see some fantastic views, you realise how lucky you are.
In order to get even better views I most definitely need to increase my fitness otherwise i will be asking one of those pesky 80 year olds for a hand back down the mountain. So i need to get walking more in the week. I have researched some pedometers and found one that sounds really good the Omron hj 112. To go along with that i have found a site that you add your steps to as motivation called Walker Tracker. When i get my pedometer and start adding my steps you can get a widget from the site to show the world how you are doing. Any body fancy stepping along with me? I know Kai already has one to get her Ass into shape for Mexico.

So here is one of my favourite views, Enjoy my bit of Peace on Earth!

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  1. Thank you for another beautiful picture of the wonderful places your feet have been.

  2. Beautiful, and you are right--it makes it all worth it! Have a great Monday, Claire.

  3. Those pesky 80 year-olds would definitely be passing me up! But this is a sight to see! I think this is one of my very favorites!
    And you're right...I'd much rather be here than stuck in the city.

  4. Great take on Earth, Claire, and that photo is a wonder.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous, Claire. Thanks for sharing that photo with us.

    Happy MM!


  6. Beautiful place to hike Claire. Beautiful. I'll help you back down the mountain. Bwahahahahah. Just kidding. Have a great MM. :)

  7. Gorgeous picture! I really enjoy hiking in the Northeast corridor: Bear Mountain, Mohonk, etc.

    Come visit me! Happy MM!

  8. Beautiful photo -- of the scenery, not of your muddy feet!:)
    Quite rocky there, isn't it?
    You must be in excellent condition to hike over those hills and dales!

  9. That view looks more like a painting than a photograph it's awesome!

  10. Before I got ill, I loved to hike. We have some incredible views here where I live, but yours are stunning.

  11. I just love the pictures that you post of your hikes! One of these days I'm coming over there and we are hiking somewhere - though it might have been more like a slow stroll!