5 Nov 2007

Its Cold!

Tonight is Bonfire night in the UK, but I am in college so I will miss all the bonfires and fireworks. Well although you miss seeing them, you can hear them going off all the time, its like a war zone.
I have decided I need to sort out my up and coming holidays for the rest of this year and into next year. By sort out I mean figure out how much money I need to save up.
My friend Lynsey's boyfriend is working in Amsterdam now, so I have promised her that I will go over and visit, maybe get a cake or two? Chocolate cake i mean, what else? Not sure when I will be going there yet.
Where am I going next? I need to fit in a visit to Karen either just before Christmas or just after, Karen is my London connection. Karen is also one of my only 'real' friends that reads this blog, so Hello! I will email you tomorrow (promise).
I have still not decided where to land on my journey to Vegas next year, preferably the cheapest flights possible. At the moment that is looking like New York, I am not sure who is closest to there?


  1. Wait - you're going to Vegas by way of New York? You're in for a very loooooooooong trip!

  2. If you go the other way, you could stop & see me...