23 Nov 2007

On a roll.....

Although there is some jealously surrounding my great cartooning abilities (Kai), I am glad that you enjoyed it. Yes I do know they are crap really, I am not quite that delusional yet. I spent ten minutes on Paint having a mess around, twas fun and I think I will be doing more. In fact I have already done one.
After getting the kick up the arse that i needed, that started me off on a roll (as pictured above). Not only have I started to get back on track with my college stuff, I have made head way in other areas. This is in part thanks to the cupboard monster(mum), as she also set things in motion.
At one of the meetings she went too recently, she happened to meet someone from the council that is involved with 'carers'. A conversation was started and meeting was set up for me to attend this morning. I had no idea what this meeting would entail, but I ended up getting a lot out of it, included £100 off my college course, result!
In turns out that there is more help out there for people who look after their relatives, friends or partners than I realised. Not only have they sorted out money off my course, they are also sending me on some courses and finding me a suitable job. When I find out more information, I will update you, as I am sure it will be of use to those in a similar situation to myself.


  1. That sounds really promising!! And money off your course too?? Can't beat that eh?

    You're topless in that picture - did you know that?

  2. £100 of your college course - that's bloomin' marvelous! Love the cartoon. :)

  3. Nice to hear that there is some help for those who are taking care of loved ones - yay!

    And you're really making strides with your potential cartooning career! HA! You still do better than I ever could!

  4. That's wonderful! Thanks for sharing your good news.

  5. Sounds like that was a meeting worth going too :o)

  6. I'm very late b/c of the move-but wow! That's great news about the money and the help with a job...very cool Claire!