22 Nov 2007

A Thursday round up of sorts.

First of all Happy Thanksgiving to all of you that celebrate it, I had a traditional dish to celebrate the day. Well sausage, chips, mushy peas and gravy is traditional were I live. I hope you all have had fun with friends, family or whatever.

Thanks for the virtual kick up the arse, I needed it. It gave me the bollocks to have a word with one of my tutors and to explain that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment. She was wonderful with me and gave me a gentle kick up the arse, in a counselling way of course. I left the class yesterday feeling happy, positive and even more sure that I am on the right career path.
I hope you like my first attempt a a cartoon, I couldn't find anything on google to borrow, so I had bash at creating my own. You lot are represented by the green blog man giving me a virtual kick up the arse.
The cupboard monster (mum) is doing okay for now, a bit of a cold and has somehow managed to burst a bicep. Yes I really did type burst a bicep, its yet another thing that seems to happen to her easily. The doctors said to keep an eye on her and if it doesn't improve then off to x ray. In the case of the leg, that is still not a done deal yet. It will never get better but they need to decide on how to stop it getting any worse. The next big appointment with the doctors is early December, so will know more then.
The Grandpa is also in Hospital now after a fall, he has had an operation is somewhat better now, but it is yet another thing to add to the list of stress. Jemma and the kids will be heading to Hamburg on Wednesday night, so the time is ticking away fast.


  1. Sorry that you and your family are having such a stressful time. I can't imagine the discomfort of a burst bicep would be like. Sounds horrid.

    Better cartooning than I could do for sure.

  2. Amanda would be so proud of you!!

    Glad to hear that the virtual kick up the arse helped, too!

  3. Hey -I does what I can, when I can, to try to help ya know! Hope the Mum and your grandfather too both stay on the mend side of things. Just keeping up with the studies and the blog is enough stress for anyone.
    By the way - what do you mean by "mushy peas" - did you cook them into a mushy state by accident or is that a British dish of some type or other? Inquiring minds need to know this stuff, ya see!

  4. Stop lying Linda!

    I like your pink shoes though :-)


  5. I do hope your family's fortunes take a turn for the better soon, my dear!

    Happy Givethanking, or whatever those crazy Americans call it.

  6. Just wandered in from the NaBloPoMo site. You have done well to post every day particularly since your life sounds so busy and difficult. I started halfway through and gave up after about a week! Ooops!
    The burst bicep does sound very horrid. I hope both your mother and your grandfather feel better soon.
    I'm glad you don't have one of those random letter typing tests in your comment box.

  7. Sorry to hear about your gramps Claire. My Dad is in hospital - but that's good cos he got his new hip on Wednesday.

    Love your cartoon, you can tell me how you did it when you've got time.

    How your MUM?

  8. Man, that cartoon... It's like looking in the mirror!

    Hope everyone gets better soon.