11 Nov 2007

Sunday Roast round up

Its Sunday that means its time for a nice Sunday Roast here in gloomy Widnes. The roast is traditionally consumed on Sunday, but I will tell you more about it in my Manic Monday Gravy post that will follow this one.
Its is Day Eleven in the NaBloPoMo challenge and today has proved a bit tricky! I normally post a Green Thumb Sunday but unfortunately not a green thumb in sight! I still haven't named any of the Cactus or planted the baby one yet! Though I may be back at the allotment this Friday, if the cupboard monster continues to behave herself. So as I was saying I couldn't think of much to post about, so I thought I would waffle a bit instead.
Still trying to catch up on my homework and sister may be going to Hamburg even sooner than I thought, maybe a week tomorrow. So things are hectic here as usual! Now I need to think about where I should go for Christmas? Scotland or Hamburg?
Well I need to sort out my gravy pictures for next post, so that's enough waffle for the time being. Hmm I think I have gave away what my Manic Monday post maybe about?

Urggh! I also nearly forgot to say its Remembrance Sunday here in the UK and elsewhere, so lets hope for peace in this world of ours and remember those that have gone.


  1. Ugh Monday Monday! Not too bad. Just alot of laundry to do , but Im stuck at the PTA basekt bingo ticket table tomorrow morning!

    Hope you had a great weekend, and have a good week! Come stop by my blog for Tackle Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Thursday Thursday, and Freaky Friday!

    Talk to you soon!


  2. I think you should do your Christmas shopping in Hamburg, and spend Christmas in Scotland!

    Btw, your roast looks lovely.

  3. some how I knew I would find a poppy here.... Englanders will never forget, it is sad that Americans have.