12 Nov 2007

Manic Monday: Gravy


I really cant remember why Mo, Linda and I were even talking about gravy in the first place? That's what happens when you play scrabulous for hours on end and get beaten (buggers)!
Well because of that rather bizarre conversation I was forced to cooked a roast dinner and gravy just to do this bloody post.
Okay I didn't hate doing it that much, as my rather rotund belly will agree! I love that word, rotund, now why don't I ever get words like that in scrabulous? I wont tell you the words I have been forced to play.
Oh I am thinking of scrabulous again! Focus Claire Focus!
The wonderful array of photos above depicts the many stages that go into Gravy making. So I thought I would go through my own way of making gravy.

So here goes Claire's wonderful journey of Gravy Making!
1.Firstly you have to cook your choice of meat, chicken, beef, lamb or whatever. In this case the bird of choice was a whole chicken with garlic butter.

2.Once the meat is cooked pour the juices from the chicken into a jug of your choice, I have picked a nice sturdy pyrex jug.

3. If you like your gravy with a bit of substance to it, then add some thickening granules. I use McDougalls thickening granules, about a tablespoon mixed in a glass with a wee bit of water until it looks like wall paper paste. Then add it to juices in pyrex jug and give it a jolly good stir.

4. After you have steamed or boiled your veggies to the right level of crunch, sprouts, carrots and swede for me, add the used water to your mixture.

5. Pour the mixture into a sauce pan and add some chicken stock. I use oxo chicken stock cubes, but if you like it extra meaty then add a bit of Bisto beef stock too.

6. Leave the gravy simmering until you are ready to pour over your dinner and consume!

I hope that was nice and easy to follow?


  1. Looks darned tasty there kid but one question for you. What the heck is "Swede?"

  2. Nice to know someone else uses the water from veggies. It really does eliminate any starchy taste from the thickener.

  3. Oh, yummy! Too bad I missed it. Are there any leftovers?

    It looks yummy!

  4. wow, what awesome photos--great post for gravy, Claire!! Have a great Monday

  5. Everything looks good. I've had dinner already but I'm hungry again. Happy MM!

  6. You British or sumpthing?

    Nooo - I bet you enjoyed that. Looks great!

  7. Definitely got to use the water from the veggies and swede makes that water extra tasty!

  8. Everybody keeps posting their gravy recipes. I'm getting fatter just reading them!


  9. You know gravy is a beverage in my house, I have some for you in my MM post.

  10. I'm pretty impressed dear Claire! ;) It's making me hungry though...and our Thanksgiving is over a week away! :(

  11. Okay, I'm with Jeni = what the heck is "swede"? Aren't Swedes people from Sweden? Are you trying to infer that you are actually a cannibalistic scrabulous blogging buddy from Britain?????

    Oh, and us yanks call the Pyrex "jug" a "measuring cup"...

    However, I am glad to know someone else on the planet likes brussels sprouts!!!! Yum! I'll just pass on the steamed swede, however... I'm trying to cut back on sidedishes of questionable origin...

  12. hi claire. how are you? i missed you. i missed you a lot!

    smiles, bee

  13. Don't keep us hanging, pray tell. What is a "swede", besides the obvious! Something in the bowl looks like okra but somehow I doubt you Brits eat that... I guess I could eat sprouts if you poured enough of that wonderful gravy over them. I never knew to use the veggie water with the gravy! Learn something new all the time...

  14. I didn't know you could "make" gravy! I thought it just came out of a can. Shows you what I know.

    llc operating agreement

  15. Remind me to pop 'round your house for Sunday dinner sometime! That looks fantastic! And I don't remember how "gravy" came up either but it was a fun word for the meme!