13 Nov 2007

This is a bloody Swede!

For all the befuddled people and I wont narrow it down to just Americans as that would be presumptuous to think that you all don't know what i meant by a Swede!
In case you are already lost and confused by this post, i am referring to my last post on gravy which involved the consumption of sprouts, carrots and Swede.
I received several comments on this post that alerted me to the fact that something was lost in translation, have a read for yourself.

Jeni: Looks darned tasty there kid but one question for you. What the heck is "Swede?"

Mo : Okay, I'm with Jeni = what the heck is "swede"? Aren't Swedes people from Sweden? Are you trying to infer that you are actually a cannibalistic scrabulous blogging buddy from Britain?????
...... Yum! I'll just pass on the steamed swede, however... I'm trying to cut back on side dishes of questionable origin..

Amazing Gracie : Don't keep us hanging, pray tell. What is a "swede", besides the obvious! Something in the bowl looks like okra but somehow I doubt you Brits eat that...

These are intelligent folks but how could they not know what a swede is? I took up this question with various friends, family and Google.

So when I am talking about food, by Swede I mean one of these fellas:

Not one of these!

A Swede (Svenskar):
Are members of an ethnic group who regard themselves as Swedes or are identified as Swedish. This may be due to inclusion in Swedish culture, speaking the Swedish language, or being of Swedish descent.
I am sure they are very nice people, but no Mo I couldn't eat one.

So are we clear on the great Swede dilemma?
The Swede! aka Rotabagge, Rutabaga, Yellow Turnip, Turnip, Neep, Tumshie, Kalrot, Kalrabi and I am sure many many more!


  1. *LOL* Thanks for clearing that up! :)

  2. Methinks this is another case of the Americans not understanding the English. (We speak "American," ya know?)

  3. Imagine if the post had been about a Swede eating a Swede! I daresay there would have been a meltdown!

  4. A Swede??? Hahaha - that's a turnip you goofy wanker!


  5. Actually to be accurate it is called a Rutabaga, (Swede in UK). A turnip is white with purple blotches on top and bottom and has white flesh and is a little watery whereas a Swede/Rutabaga has yellow flesh not unlike a potato. So there!

  6. Thanks...I don't know that I've ever eaten a Rutabaga. I agree that turnips suck - they're rather gritty and bitter. Do you eat cauliflower? Bury it in enough cheese sauce and it's pretty laripen.
    I've been taught.

  7. Interesting. I think that Swedes actually will be too salty people to taste well.... *giggles*

    Or it might be just me. I love salty things, so I suspect I'm rather salty. *giggles*

    Or maybe it's called Swede because it's so dirty? *giggles*

    Ah, food an be such fun sometimes!

  8. I sure am glad we got that cleared up! My grandparents used to like to eat turnips -also rutabagas -and as a kid, I flat out refused to touch the turnips but would occasionally sample the rutabagas though they were far from a favorite. My aunt -subject of my post earlier this week -served my kids and I glazed turnips one year at either our Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and they were delicious.
    But, I have to differ with Vic Grace's explanation -or maybe our grocery stores here differ (cause I never purchase much less cook, either turnips or rutabagas, but turnips are round with the purplish/reddish top and rutabagas are shaped more like carrots but are a ecru to pale yellowish color. Well, that's what they look like in the stores here and that's how they are labeled here anyway.

  9. yep, that's a rutabaga
    why didn't you just say rutabaga?
    don't make me tell everyone you're a shim!

  10. The just have to ask the old sarge, I used Swede in my comment that won the best comment ever award.

  11. Now, if I may... Being Norwegian, and neighbour to the Swedes, I can tell you that the difference is negligeable.

    Why do Swedes drive in the middle of the road? They're afraid of the wild flowers by the roadside.
    Why do Swedes always carry 2 car doors when they walk in the desert? So they can open both windows and have a cool draft.

    asf... asf...

  12. I love Swede and carrot together mashed! :)

  13. Eamon Holmes is having a barney about turnips and swedes. What a minefield!